Managed Web Hosting


We go beyond just “hosting” your website, our managed web hosting means we manage your website, ensure its up to date, secure and backed up hourly.


Choosing the right web host is a critical step in your website’s development. A web host provides the server space and storage that your website runs on, and its reliability determines how well your website will function and handle stress. A poor web hosting service can hamper your SEO efforts, slow your revenue growth, and subject you to heavy maintenance costs as issues regularly arise. 

Bravr has developed a comprehensive web hosting service that meets the needs of today’s businesses while adhering to strict quality and security standards.


If the answer to this is yes, then managed web hosting isn’t for you.

Our customers trust us to manage their online web presence, using the very best in hosting technology and security.

Managed Web Hosting is suitable for customers where their website is their source of revenue and downtime costs money.


Feel confident in our hosting solution with 100% availability guaranteed. We have partnered with Tier 1 Hosting company to provide a highly resilient hosting environment. Our environment is optimised to maximize performance and minimise latency. All sites hosted in our environment are backed up hourly, and we maintain all the sites.

99.99% UPTIME

We guarantee uptime of your managed web hosting, backed by our hosting partner.

Our environment has built in redundancy to ensure your site stays live no matter what.

Fully Managed

With managed web hosting, you can spend your time focusing on growing your business, whilst we ensure the website is managed and maintained. We will keep your site up to date and fix any errors that arise from software updates.


We backup your website hourly and store it offsite every hour.We’re able to restore individual files, folders and databases if you encounter an issue.


All of our hosting environment uses Litespeed, this is one of the fastest WordPress Stacks.

220% faster than Apache with PHP-FPM

76% faster than NGINX


Website Hosting

  • .htaccess rewrite
  • Manage cron jobs
  • Custom error pages
  • ImageMagick
  • GD, CURL
  • Zend Optimizer, Ioncube

Security & Access

  • SSH Access
  • SFTP (Secure FTP)
  • Webdav
  • DNS Security via Cloudflare
  • Free SSL certificate via Cloudflare
  • WAF via Cloudflare
  • Auto Malware/Virus Scanning

Web Stack

  • Cloud Linux 7 (64 bit)
  • Litespeed web server
  • HTTP/2 Support
  • cPanel
  • PHP Version 7+
  • MySQL 5.7
  • Perl, Python, Ruby
  • Support for Redis / Memcached
  • ElasticSearch Support


E-commerce support
Looking to sell your products online? Our hosting service can support your e-commerce site!
Multiple Domains
We support domain parking and multiple domains for those clients who wish to use us for multiple branded websites or unused domains that they own.
We keep backup servers ready in case of an emergency, and perform daily backups of all of your data. We store these backups in secure off-site servers so that you don’t have to worry about losing anything to tragedy or outside interference.
We support our clients around the clock by monitoring their websites 24/7. When an issue arises, our monitoring service notifies our development team right away so that we can perform counter-measures or repairs and get you back online.


Our hosting environment is a high performance environment aimed at businesses who want a safe, secure and high performance environment.

Choosing a managed website hosting provider shouldn’t require a degree in Computer Science to know how much Ram, Storage, Processing power you’ll need. We’ve simplified our packages to hosting only and Managed Hosting.

Hosting Only
We will host your website for you in our hosting environment, you'll benefit from high performance hardware, hourly backups on a safe and secure hosting environment.

Managed Web Hosting
Managed web hosting includes hosting as well as 2 hours web development time per month. This time can be used for monthly updates + maintenance as well as website changes. Simple drop us an email with your required changes and we'll update your website for you. Any larger jobs that will take longer than the time allocated we'll discuss with you before incurring any unexpected charges.

Our dedicated servers are located in London, making us the perfect web hosting provider for businesses in the UK and Europe, although we currently host sites for brands around the world.

We make it easy to build, deploy, and manage your website with our full suite of web design, development, and hosting services. There’s no need to manage multiple vendors- Bravr’s complete website package offers a simple, reliable, and streamlined process that allows you to establish and grow your brand online without difficulty.


If your requiremnts go beyond just hosting your CMS driven website and you need root access to your own server(s), we’ve partnered with Safehosts who not only provide dedicated servers, they provide provide colocation hosting.

Our robust and high perfomance

Hosting Packages

Whether you want to manage your own website and benefit from our high performance hosting environment, or want a hands-off approach where we take care of hosting for you. We can provide a hosting package tailored to your needs.

We’ve been managing hosting for companies for 10+ years, our servers all run on SSD (Solid State Storage) with plenty of RAM.

Hosting onlyfrom £60If you’re comfortable maintaining your website, but want to benefit from a high performance environment with 100% uptime guarantee, then this is for you.
Managed Hostingfrom £180Managed Hosting provides a completely hassle-free service, so you can focus on running your business and not worrying about your website. We’ll take care of website updates, backups and uptime. 

Need help with your Website?

We offer a wide range of Web Design and Development Services.

Website Builds

Whether you need a brand new site, a redesign, or a website rebuild, we build beautiful, purposeful websites that are designed to engage and convert your customers. With high-end hosting and extensive SEO services, we can make sure that your website build performs well for users and search engines.
Build your website


Websites need continual management in order to ensure that plugins are up to date, performance is as it should be, and security risks are identified and mitigated. We take what we do very seriously, often implementing measures beyond what is needed to ensure the flawless operation of our clients’ websites.
Manage your site


Bravr’s talented web dev team has decades of experience in creating high-profile, impactful websites. Whether you are making your first venture into the world of digital marketing, or you want to improve your existing site’s performance, our strategy, development, and design services will make you stand out.
Develop your site


In an increasingly competitive digital landscape rapid internet speeds and high-end technology mean that customers expect more than ever from their digital interactions. Our web design services will ensure that your site not only looks great, but delivers outstanding UX, no slow loading pages, compatibility issues or broken pages.
Design your website


Our web hosting services are much more than a parking space; we provide the full valet. Bravr has developed a comprehensive web hosting service that meets the needs of today’s businesses while adhering to strict quality and security standards. We make it easy to build, deploy, and manage your website with our tailored packages.
Host your site


It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Over the past decade, we’ve learned how to create content that consumers and brands love. We’ve hired experts in technical and sales copywriting to complement our core marketing team, allowing us to develop a broad range of content with a maximum impact for every client.
Add content to your site

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